Digital Direct Package B


Run a comprehensive, targeted digital media campaign across national online Network. Reach users cross-platform that leverages display, video, social media & email marketing to reach their desired audience.

  • Cross-Platform Display
    • Your message will be viewed across all platforms, i.e. computers, cell phones, tablets and TVs.
    • Targeting could include geo, demo, behavioral and/or contextual.
  • Pre-Roll Video
    • Your thirty (30) second video spot is placed before on-demand CBS news clips & reports.
    • Online network Web feeds.
  • Facebook Targeted Posts
    • Leveraging network television station handles to promote client messaging to a targeted audience.
    • Targeting could include geo, demo, hobbies, interests, etc.
  • Email Marketing (opt-in & HIPPA Compliant) & Retargeted Display
    • Directly reaching your audience in their inboxes & retargeting that audience with display units for increased engagement and retention

PSAwire Rate: $25,000.00

Content Samples:

Services Include:

  • Two (2) month statewide campaign
  • Thirty (30) second video spot
  • 604,000 guaranteed online impressions
  • Display across all platforms 
  • Thirty (30) second video spot placed before on-demand news clips and reports
  • Facebook targeted posts
  • Email marketing (opt-in & HIPPA compliant) & retargeted display
  • Targeting could include geo, demo, behavioral and/or contextual

If you would like further customization options please contact a PSN representative to discuss your campaign.

Pricing terms and placement are subject to approval by the media partner based on location, inventory and message approval.